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Pedrosa & Pedrosa Arquitetos Associados has a team of professionals trained to execute exclusive projects no matter what size or complexity. The office follows a style that blends classic and modern, with harmony. The main goal is to have a wide and clean space, characteristics attributed to the modern, style, but keeping the charming references of the classic style. Customer’s taste is carefully analyzed to achieve a final result that associates their desires with a harmonious and balanced space.

Thanks to all of you who helped build a successful career. Among clients, friends, family and suppliers, each incentive fueled the desire to continue and improve. A permanent immersion in a universe of image, harmony and proportion.

For Cynthia Pedrosa, architecture and design are inseparable. Not only in the concept of your projects but, essentially, in practice. When she opened her office in Rio de Janeiro in 1975, the architect also set up her first store, AMC, which ran until 2001 at Gávea Shopping. In addition to launching new artists, the store sold furniture and objects developed by Cynthia herself. From 1991, the ten-year season in Florida and Paris only reinforced the bond between the crafts of architect and designer. With the opening of the Brazilian import market, she started sending furniture to AMC and later to Clémentine, a store that she kept in Ipanema between 1993 and 2002. Today, Cynthia says that commercial work has been relegated to a second place. But when you sign an architecture project, make sure you take care of the small details yourself. In the absence of exclusive products, the architect creates custom pieces for each environment. If you can not find the ideal furniture here, go get it abroad. Objects inherited from the family, those that effectively tell the story of the resident, are usually incorporated into the new decoration. But Cynthia always finds a new look for them. An antique lamp can gain modern dome, and a stylish armchair, receive fabric of vibrant color. All this combined with design and technology releases. “When I execute a project, I create a real bond of affection with the resident. From this link, I can find out the ways to help you be happier in the space where you live. “Araci Queiroz Published in the book “Arqte: Architects and Decorators of Rio de Janeiro” Editora Azouque Editorial

Raphael’s contact with architecture began early. During the twelve years he lived in the United States and France, he lived daily with various references of art, design and decoration. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at PUC-Rio in 2009, Raphael managed the projects with Cynthia Pedrosa until becoming a partner in 2012.